What is the Digital Workplace?

We bring together the latest workplace technologies to deliver solutions for your business users.

OKTiK are experts in delivering smarter, efficient, user-centric workplaces.

How do we do workplace transformation?

Our user driven, automated processes provide a robust workplace transformation for the enterprise.

OKTiK has the personnel, expertise and tools to accelerate and deliver the most complex workplace transformation.

A better workplace service for your business

Delivering and supporting a catalog of Digital Workplace services that will support your business now and into the future

Identifying your unique workplace opportunities and designing the service accordingly, using the right technologies for each use case

Delivering a fully automated, user driven, transformation based on data analytics performed against your legacy environment

Ongoing workplace operations will continue to provide support to your users wherever and whenever it is needed

Using data analytics to deliver a better transformation experience for the end user

Enterprise IT is a constant challenge - acquisitions, mergers, divestitures all have an impact on the workplace services. OKTiK data analytics accelerate changes through detailed discovery and reporting


Harvesting data from agents and your own configuration repositories is critical for transformation planning


Our algorithms evaluate the data discovered in your enterprise so clear visibility of the current landscape and opportunities for transformation


An intuitive process allows users to easily step through the process of migrating to their digital workplace.

One Click

Delivering a user-centric, automated, “one-click” experience for transition to the cloud

An introduction to OneTik from OKTiK

Large organisations are realising they can benefit more from engaging with niche, highly specialised, flexible consultancies.

Given the complexities and legacy issues, large organisations are realising they can benefit more from engaging with niche, highly specialised, flexible consultancies that leverage the local knowledge within in-house teams to deliver the objectives.

What is the Digital Workplace?

In the beginning we just had desktops, large beige boxes underneath our desks with a clunky CRT monitor, a couple of apps, email if you were lucky, and telephone on your desk.

However, over the past 25 years your workplace has changed significantly, now we have laptops, tablets, smart phones, and wireless network capabilities that allow us to work from anywhere. All our apps and data can be made available to us wherever we may be.

The promoter of digital workplace is the cloud, providing a feature-rich, ever-capable set of products upon which businesses can consume the latest applications and services.

Whilst the benefits of a modern workplace are understood, the challenge with legacy complex IT systems are often a barrier to overcome. We are specialists in this area and currently have programmes ongoing with...

Workplace Operations

Managing your digital workplace isn’t a trivial task, the plethora of technologies are employed across an enterprise can be daunting. Not just the day to day management of incidents but understanding the service map, how these technologies all work together to provide the business with an optimised working platform.

Within OKTiK our 24×7 operations team are a highly organised team working from the basis of deep understanding to provide the highest levels of service to clients. Covering all technology areas as well as providing excellent “how to” advice to our clients we provide the answers clients need when you need it.