OKTiK Solutions For The Enterprise

About OKTiK.

The skills and experience of our team power us to deliver transformations where other consultancies struggle

Our team of highly experienced, talented consultants use cutting-edge technology to support enterprises that wish to bring improved business agility and a better end user experience in the work place.

Our background

All of the consultants at OKTiK can demonstrate a rich pedigree of having delivered enterprise transformations. Whether their skills are aligned with programme management, solutions architecture, or technical consulting, they all have been at the coal face, delivering in challenging circumstances.

Having worked for either vendors, typically Microsoft, or top 4 consultancies our team have proven skills. It is through the experience and skills of our team that we are able to accelerate and deliver enterprise workplace transformations.

Our vision

Utilising our skills and experience, we bring proven standards to deliver the Digital Workplace for our clients.

We develop custom tools, utilities, and analysis to guarantee an excellent end user experience for our clients, built upon our knowledge of transformation and the challenges it brings.