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In the beginning

20 years ago we just had desktops, large beige boxes sat underneath our desks with a clunky CRT monitor, a couple of apps, email if you were lucky, and telephone on your desk. The apps you used were basically electronic forms that were a mirror for the paper versions you were using previously

The changing workplace

However, skip forward a couple of decades and your workplace has changed significantly. Now we have laptops, tablets, smart phones, and wireless network capabilities that allow us to work from anywhere. All our apps and data can be made available to us wherever we may be.

In addition, we now have intelligence and connectivity built into all manner of distributed infrastructure. For example, pipes that can report on the flow of water moving through them, or fridges that are reporting their current status etc. We can now work anywhere, getting real time information to enable business processes that were unimaginable 15 years ago.

Underpinning your digital business

The adoption of these technologies to meet your unique business use cases, this is your Digital Workplace. The successful design of your workplace will underpin the operation of your Digital Business wherever it may take place.

  • Windows 10
  • Office 365
  • Smartphones and Tablets
  • Intune
  • Mobile Networks
  • Secure App Publishing